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The End of the Battle, But Not The War: DADT, Same-Sex Marriage and Bullying

Randy Phillips is a US soldier stationed in Germany who made this heart wrenching and personal video of the phone conversation he made with his dad on the phone.  He came out as a gay man, then asked him if his father still loved him.  He said he still loved his son. The video, seen below, has … Continue reading

The Tea Party Callousness and the Heroism of Ordinary People

Over the weekend, the United States came together once again to recognize the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, with such touching and poignant moments that unified a nation. From the speeches at the Flight 93 memorial to the tears shed at the waterfall at the World Trade Center, it reminded us of a time … Continue reading

9/11: Our Lives, 10 Years Later

Every generation has that “Where Were You Moment?” when ordinary lives stop and a news story brings us all together. Sometimes, it’s one of the defining moments of your childhood. For our grandparents, it was Pearl Harbor. For our parents, the Kennedy Assassination. For us, it was 9/11. While a lot of people talk about … Continue reading

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