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Why GI Joe Retaliation Was REALLY Delayed (Hint: Blame Spider-Man and Channing Tatum)

When the news emerged that GI Joe: Retaliation, originally set to come out on June 29th was moved nine months to March 29th, 2013, most people were stunned. How could Paramount, which had invested millions of dollars into marketing, from advertising TV and outdoor advertising – including a Super Bowl television spot – decide to … Continue reading

A First On-Set Look at the Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3

UPDATE: Marvel has confirmed rumors and squashed others. The man in the suit is not James Badge Dale, nor is the Iron Patriot a villain. The actor is an unnamed stuntman for Don Cheadle. In Iron Man 3, Don Cheadle’s War Machine – who in the scene below is protecting the US Vice President –  will be … Continue reading

Trailer Roundup, Week of May 21st – 25th

This was one of those weeks where we had so many new trailers emerging, it seemed to overload the senses of even the nerdiest of film nerds – like myself. But any week chock full of trailers is a good week for us! Let’s jump right in. When Will Ferrell appeared in character on TBS’s … Continue reading

Villain Fever: Anthony Hopkins In Red 2, Mads Mikkelsen in Thor 2, and Ashley Hamilton (plus Jon Favreau!) in Iron Man 3

It must be a pretty bad day to be a comic book hero, because three seasoned actors are taking on villain roles. First, Variety reports that Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, best known for playing the villianous one-eyed arms dealer, Le Chiffre, in the 007 film Casino Royale is in talks to play an as-yet-unknown villain in Alan Taylor’s … Continue reading

Gary Oldman Builds RoboCop

The new RoboCop has a new creator. Gary Oldman, who can be seen returning as Gotham City Commissioner Jim Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises has been cast as an original character named Norton, a scientist who turns Detroit Officer Alex Murphy into a crimefighting cyborg following a brutal massacre that left him on … Continue reading

The June 29th Switcheroo: GI Joe Retaliation and Ted Change Release Dates

In a surprising move, Paramount has shifted the release of their action sequel, GI Joe: Retaliation, nine months, from this June 29th to March 29th, 2013. The news was announced by Hasbro’s President and CEO, Brian Goldner. Hasbro, the toy company behind the GI Joe action figures, and Paramount are now working to converting the … Continue reading

Trailer Roundup, Week of May 14th-18th, 2012

As another week comes to an end and our weekends begin, it’s time for another trailer roundup from your friends here at Save The Seat! So let’s see what’s in store for the future in film, shall we? This week’s America’s Got Talent had an exclusive four minute super-preview of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, … Continue reading

James Badge Dale Cast In Iron Man 3…As A Villain?

2013 is going to be a very good year for James Badge Dale. The actor, who starred on Fox’s 24 and AMC’s Rubicon, as well as the miniseries, The Pacific, already has two surefire blockbusters coming out next summer. He has supporting roles in Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger and Marc Forster’s zombie adaptation, World … Continue reading

Competing White House Assault Actioners On The Way

Hollywood loves trends. Vampires. Werewolves. Action movies with older action stars. This year alone, there are competing projects about the Queen in Snow White and a biopics about Steve Jobs and porn star Linda Lovelace. So who would have expected that next year would have been the year of the competing action thrillers described as … Continue reading

Preview Tom Cruise’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” While Reading About His Comedy Project With Robert Downey, Jr.

Tom Cruise is really in a career renaissance. Especially after his breathless performance that had him swinging and climbing the world’s tallest building in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, he is showing no signs of slowing down. His next projects, the Jack Reacher adaptation, One Shot (coming December 21st, 2012) and Joseph Kosinski’s sci-fi epic, Oblivion (coming April … Continue reading

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