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Read Batman’s Rap Sheet and Unlock “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer

When fans return to Gotham City on July 20th, 2012, it will have been eight years since the masked vigilante known as The Batman stopped The Joker’s acts of terrorism – but also was responsible for the murder of several police officers and District Attorney Harvey Dent. Unbeknownst to Gotham citizens, however, was the truth that Dent himself was responsible for the murders and Batman took the blame.

Today, the Gotham City Police Department released its rap sheet on the masked vigilante – by way of director Christopher Nolan and his innovative style of viral film campaigning. The “Anonymous Vigilante Organization” dossier, found at TheDarkKnightRises.com include a list of addressed worldwide with a little white Batman symbols. If fans Tweet #TDKR07202012 or email TDKR07202012@gothampolicedepartment.com and knock off all the global locations, the frames of the final trailer will be released and the new trailer will be revealed online ahead of its unveiling before “The Avengers” this Friday.

A gif (a small, silent animation of the frames) of the trailer has already gone viral, but I won’t post it because it would pale in comparison to the real deal, am I right fans?

Here is also a sample of the frames of the trailer already unveiled, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

This post previously appeared at SaveTheSeat.

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