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Trailer Roundup, Week of May 14th-18th, 2012

As another week comes to an end and our weekends begin, it’s time for another trailer roundup from your friends here at Save The Seat! So let’s see what’s in store for the future in film, shall we?

This week’s America’s Got Talent had an exclusive four minute super-preview of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, coming July 3rd to 3D, IMAX, and conventional theaters. Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field, the Sony reboot follows the “untold story” of Peter Parker, who tries to solve the mystery of his parent’s disappearance and his new superpowers, while battling a monstrous villain. While the four minute trailer is essentially an extended version of the previous trailer released with The Avengers, it’s still worth a viewing.

The directing and screenwriting comedy duo of David Palmer and Dax Shepard came together to make the action comedy, Hit and Run. Shepard stars as a bank getaway driver in Witness Protection who decides to take his girlfriend (played by his own real life girlfriend, Kristen Bell), as they evade both the feds (led by Tom Arnold) and the gang he once ran with (led by dreads wearing Bradley Cooper). The Open Road Films picture also stars Beau Bridges, David Koechner, Michael Rosenbaum, and Kristin Chenoweth and comes out August 24th.

It seems that every year, a movie of the supernatural horror genre comes out that claims to be “based on a true story” to draw in audiences. They usually turn out to be critically panned and liked by few. But The Possession, Lionsgate’s latest horror film presented by Sam Raimi, shouldn’t worry.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick star as parents of a young daughter who becomes obsessed with an antique wooden box discovered at a yard sale. But as she becomes more deranged and supernatural horrors follow them, they discover that the seemingly harmless antique box contained a dibbuk, an evil spirit that – when unleashed – will try to devout the human host that released it: their daughter. The film arrives August 31st.

And finally, the trailer that will get the ladies – and the select few of men, like myself – excited: the new international trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper dramedy, Magic Mike. Inspired by the life of its star, Channing Tatum, it tells the story of a successful male stripper who takes a young and eager dancer under his wing to teach him the ropes about partying, picking up women, and making the easy bucks by peeling off the clothes, while contemplating his own future. I would urge straight men to watch this trailer and see if the plot would be compelling enough for them to watch – and it actually does, considering Soderbergh’s last film, the underwhelming Haywire – but I suspect the only straight men who would watch this in the theaters are the few being dragged by their wives and girlfriends. The Warner Brothers film stars Tatum as the titular character, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Cody Horn, Olivia Munn, Matt Bomer, Joe Mangianello, Adam Rodriguez, and Gabriel Iglesias and arrives June 29th.

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