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A First On-Set Look at the Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3

UPDATE: Marvel has confirmed rumors and squashed others. The man in the suit is not James Badge Dale, nor is the Iron Patriot a villain. The actor is an unnamed stuntman for Don Cheadle.

In Iron Man 3, Don Cheadle’s War Machine – who in the scene below is protecting the US Vice President –  will be altered to resemble the Iron Patriot. However, the character will most likely remain called War Machine.

Original story:

As new rumors swirl about a crew member at Marvel’s highly anticipated post-Avengers follow-up, Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, who claimed that the new movie will feature four villains – including that Ben Kingsley will play the long-expected and pivotal Iron Man villain The Mandarin as a secondary antagonist to Guy Pearce’s Dr. Aldridge Killian, we have our FIRST look at an Iron Man villain in his suit…The Iron Patriot!

In 2009’s “Dark Avengers #1”, Norman Osborn – who is most famous in the Marvel Universe as the billionaire industrialist who also wrecks havoc as the deranged Green Goblin – becomes the leader of new, government-sanctioned organization of Avengers and – utilizing Stark Industries technology – dons the Iron Patriot suit, which honors the just-assassinated Captain America.

It’s pretty clear that the new Iron Man movie would scrap this entire story, especially considering that Norman Osborn is a Spider-Man villain and is owned by Sony Pictures. So it looks like that they will combine two characters into one, as they did when they combine parts of Crimson Dynamo into Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash character. But we do know the actor who is piloting the suit, which is a potential spoiler which is revealed in the second picture below!

** Minor Spoilers Ahead**

While it’s hard to make out in the second image, that is indeed James Badge Dale as Eric Saven in the Iron Patriot suit. As we covered in a recent article, Savin is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army who – after being nearly killed by a landmine – is resurrected as the cybernetic assassin, Coldblood.  While it is unclear if he will become Coldblood or if the character’s storyline is stripped for the Iron Patriot armor, this revelation could have a huge impact on the Marvel Cinematic universe. After all, the Iron Patriot blends elements of Iron Man with Captain America into a possibly villainous role.
Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, Guy Pearce, James Badge Dale, Ashley Hamilton, and Ben Kingsley star in the May 3rd, 2013 release.
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