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Gun Control in a Post-Aurora World: How We Can Move Forward

As a nation heals over the horrible attack in Aurora, Colorado, the topic of gun rights has resurfaced, and not in the way we would expect. Instead of galvanizing writers, politicians, bloggers, and everyday Americans, the toic has been discussing the topic itself. There is a resurgence of old theories – blame the media, blame violence … Continue reading

Congressional Failure: How A Symbolic Vote Wasted Our Time and Money

For the 33rd time, the House has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, known popularly as Obamacare. The bill passed 244 – 185, with every Republican and five Democrats voting against the repeal. The Democrats who voted are Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Larry Kissell and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, Jim Matheson of Utah, and Mike Ross of … Continue reading

Hands Off My Big Gulp: Preventing the Nanny Nation

It was a peculiar sight in Lower Manhattan. Armed with signs calling New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg a “nanny” and protesters, some even children, carrying 7-Eleven Big Gulps full of soda, the “Million Big Gulp March” took to the streets of Lower Manhattan the evening of July 9th. The protest was against Mayor Bloomberg’s … Continue reading

Trailer Round-Up, Week of July 16th – July 20th, including a First Look at Man of Steel!

Scientology has made the headlines recently due to the high profile divorce of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The subject will be sure to arise again when writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film hits theaters on October 12th, 2012. Loosely based on the rise of Scientology, The Master follows a drifter (the return of Joaquin Phoenix after his … Continue reading

A Movie Fan Reflects on the Aurora Tragedy

Usually, this is where I make a fun and happy comment about the week before I delve into talking about the trailers of the week, but it is honestly a little difficult for me. I think I can speak for many when I say that I am still in a state of shock over the … Continue reading

Trailer Round-Up: Comic-Con Edition! (Week of July 7th – July 15th)

San Diego Comic-Con blows away movie fans every year, and this year was certainly no exception. Check out the epic trailers and nuggets from this year’s Comic-Con. Although filming is not ready to begin until this August, viral marketing already began on Jose Padilha’s remake of the sci-fi classic, RoboCop. Joel Kinnaman is set to … Continue reading

Marvel’s Phase Two: What You Need To Know

Man, oh man, this year’s Comic-Con was amazing, from news about new films like Wolverine (New villains, including Jessica Biel as Viper cast!) and Fantastic Four (Chronicle’s Josh Trank will be directing the reboot!) to first looks at Man of Steel (Watch the trailer for the Superman reboot before screenings of The Dark Knight Rises…and here on … Continue reading

Trailer Round-up, Week of July 2nd – July 6th, 2012

It was a HOT HOT HOT fourth of July week, but the weekend is upon us. And even thought it was an abbreviated week, it wasn’t when it comes to new trailers. While the world was rocked by the celebrity news story involving Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s sudden divorce, promotion began on Cruise’s next … Continue reading

Trailer Round-up, Week of June 25th – June 29th, 2012.

It’s hot outside, but there’s one place that’s always cool and comfortable during the summer, and it’s the movie theater! And while the fourth of July is upon us and the fireworks are on display, it’s time for another week of movie trailers rounded up right here. The character of Dr. Alex Cross, the brilliant … Continue reading

Trailer Round-Up, Week of June 17th – June 22nd, 2012

After a week off – and a lack of really good trailers – we’re back with an incredible week full of trailers that will excite you! The week started off with not one or two, but four teaser trailers for Disney/Pixar’s prequel, Monsters University. In Monsters, Inc., audiences were introduced to Mike and Sully, two … Continue reading

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