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A Movie Fan Reflects on the Aurora Tragedy

Usually, this is where I make a fun and happy comment about the week before I delve into talking about the trailers of the week, but it is honestly a little difficult for me.

I think I can speak for many when I say that I am still in a state of shock over the attack on the Aurora tragedy.

I do not wish to discuss anything about the killer himself, who he is, his motives, none of it. He does not deserve our recognition or words. I even refuse to dignify his name. Only human beings with common decency and warm hearts have names.

Rather, I wish to remember the victims of this tragedy, people who could not wait to take in the very first showing of one of the most anticipated films in years, The Dark Knight Rises. We are just beginning to learn the names of the 12 who perished. NBCNews reports that among the victims were six year old girl Veronica Moser – whose mother is one of the critically injured and paralyze and has not been notified of her daughter’s passing; Matt McQuinn and Jon Blunk – two men who did not know each other but had both heroically perished shielding their respective girlfriends from the gunfire; Petty Officer Third Class John Larimer and Air Force Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress – two servicepeople who will reportedly be receiving the full military honors that are reserved for soldiers who make the ultimate sacrifice in war; Alex Sullivan, a man celebrating his 27th birthday with a large group of friends and family, and aspiring sportcaster Jessica Ghawi – whose last blog entry was a reflection on the finite nature of life after surviving last month’s Eaton Center Mall attack in Toronto that left seven dead. We remember them and keep our thoughts with their families and the 58 who are still injured, including the 11 who are critically injured. I hope for their speedy recovery.

The movie theater is our safe haven. I started writing for this blog because cinema runs through my very core. It is where I go with friends and family to escape the harsh realities of the world. I’m certain it is the same for many people who either read this blog and analyze movies, or the ones who just stop in a theater to see what’s playing, and all in between. The movie theater is an American institution. What happened in Theater Nine was a breach of trust. Some henious individual broke into our home and vandalize our comfort zone in the most horrific way possible.

As theaters and law enforcement look forward in ensuring safety precautions moving forward, I urge you all to go see The Dark Knight Rises if you had planned on going to see it. Don’t ask for a refund. Don’t be afraid of the place you once called a second home. Yesterday, after learning of the attacks, I still went to the movies as planned and I had their thoughts in my mind, and it still breaks my heart that these people’s lives were cut short, especially in such a happy and much anticipated moment. Do not let this film – now is not the time to go further into a review other than to say it is an excellent motion picture – leave a stain in your hearts.

As President Barack Obama said while offering his condolences yesterday, “If there is anything to take away from this tragedy, it’s the reminder that life is very fragile. Our time here is limited and precious.” Go forward, return to the theaters, and watch the movies again, without fear.

This first appeared at SaveTheSeat.


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