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Superhero Buzz: New Villain in The Amazing Spider-Man, Casting Info, A New Marvel Movie, and Photos Galore

Although the biggest film news of the weekend – or the year – has been Star Trek’s JJ Abrams taking the director’s chair for the new Star Wars films, this has also been a sizable weekend of movie news and photos galore. Dr. Strange Getting a Movie With the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s … Continue reading

Is Zack Snyder Doing A Star Wars Spin-Off?

As movie fans await to see what Zack Snyder will have in store on June 14th, when his Superman reboot, “Man of Steel” finally hits theaters, Variety has rumors about what could be his next project, and it could be a big project. When Disney acquired LucasArts late last year, Disney promised to release a … Continue reading

Richard’s Top 10 Films of 2012 (And The Ones That Didn’t Make The Cut)

With just hours left in 2012, the big winner of year is looking to be Hollywood. This was the year that broke the downward trend of audience attendance and saw a significant boost. Writers and directors are listening to their fanbases and bringing movies that audiences are really looking to see. While I didn’t see … Continue reading

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