About Me and the Site

Hi, I’m Richard L. Vargas, the creator of this site, and I’m glad you came to check it out. I’m a college graduate (B.A., Summa Cum Laude honors in Political Science) born, raised, and still living in New York City

I started this site because I’m a news and pop culture junkie, and an aspiring broadcaster and writer. I find a lot of things fascinating, and I want to discover so much. Life is this adventure with ups and downs that are sometimes out of our control. But even then, I ask why should they be? We should be able to talk about and discuss what’s going on in the world. Somethings are outrageous. Other things, outlandish. Some things will pull at our heartstrings, others make us giggle. But we shouldn’t keep these things to ourselves. Although this is a forum of things I’m interested in, it barely scratches the surface. I want your input as well!

Hosting a talk show is my dream because I’m really compelled and interesting in people’s stories. That’s my overall goal, to tell stories that captivate audiences small and large. To break the mold and not just gloss over stories, but to stop and assess and analyze how, if possible, this could affect our everyday lives.

I invite you to not only check out this site, but tell your friends about it and comment on it. I really enjoy a smart debate and discussion on what is going on in the world today. I feel it would make us all better citizens and far more aware and alert.

I’m inspired by a number of journalists, comedians, and entertainment personalities who seek truth in a way that isn’t boring, stuffy, or pretentious. When I watch and listen to people like CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan, or the comedy of TBS’s Conan O’Brien and radio personality Elvis Duran, I want to be a part of that conversation. And sometimes, a 1000+ character Facebook status or a 140 character tweet just doesn’t cut it.

If you want to become a contributor, send me a message. There is no minimum or maximum limit to what you can write about and when. If you want to post a story once in a blue moon or every five hours, that’s wonderful.

You can follow me on Twitter @richardlvargas and you can also follow my movie reviews at Flixster.

I’m also a volunteer with the Trevor Project as an AskTrevor Author. For more information on what the Trevor Project does and how you can help, visit their website here.

Enjoy the site, post comments, tell friends!



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