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Hey readers! I’m bringing back this website in a big way, as it will become the future home of my new podcasts. The first will be a movie and entertainment related podcast, and others will soon follow here. In the meantime, you can also follow my other website, richardlvargas.tumblr.com until the podcasts start, which will be … Continue reading

Apologies For the Hiatus Update

I’m currently without a computer, so I’m using other people’s computers and I have been working on other projects. I will be resuming shortly and – once I get a new computer – I will be covering more topics. I’m also currently working with several people to build a new blog similar to this one, … Continue reading

Save The Students: How the Goverment Could Help Recent College Graduates Get Into Their Careers

It is a tough time to be a high school senior or a college student right now. In high school, teachers and college recruiters engage students, telling them about the benefits of a college experience. And rightfully so: Aside from gaining unique knowledge from professionals and valuable work and networking experience, the average American with a Bachelor’s … Continue reading

Trailer Roundup, Week of May 7th – May 11th

Welcome to another week in Trailer Roundup. Coincidentally, all of this week’s trailers come from the Warner Brothers late summer and fall lineup. So let’s get right to it! Once upon a time in Hollywood, two young writers named Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won an Academy Award for Gus Van Sant’s drama Good Will Hunting. … Continue reading

Sorry for the Overdrawn Hiatus…

…but The Bulletin will be back and better than ever, offering my personal brand of commentary and news! Hope you enjoy, and enjoy the few surprises down the road…

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